Patricia's Hair Extensions

Patricia's Hair Salon, with more than seventy different styles to choose from, has the largest collection of hair extensions of any salon in the world. Whether you want long, blonde tresses like Paris Hilton, thick curls like singer Jessica Simpson, or a glamorous look like Beyonce, you can have it all with Patricia's hair extensions. The large showroom has so many looks, you can change that outdated style every day for the next several weeks. The Clip extensions can be removed and re-attached, so change your look at any time. Use the Integrated weaving style to blend Patricia's hair extensions with your own, natural hair. Invisible Hair, Hair Weaving, Great Length, Ultratress extensions - Patricia's Hair Salon has all this and more. When you want the newest, cutest style, you want to go to Patricia Hair Salon, NYC.

Our hair extensions are actually known throughout the world, after winning an award in Europe for being the best of the best. Visit the showroom to view a wide variety of lace front wigs as well as Patricia's hair extensions. These beautifully-styled looks can suit you anywhere, providing slip-on style you won't have to work at to get. Patricia's Hair Salon gives you so many different choices for beautiful hair, you'll have to come back again and again to enjoy them all.

We are the top hair extension and lace front wig salon that is a couple hours from Philadelphia, Pa, NYC, NY, New York, New York City, NJ, and New Jersey. You can choose the comfort of the open, airy salon room (four thousand square feet in size), but you can also relax in one of the three VIP rooms. Here, you'll be able to enjoy a private sink, plasma television and Fendi chair that are for your use alone.

When was the last time you changed your look? If you have to think about it, you're probably overdue for a trip to Patricia's Hair Salon.